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Before gaining his fame as Darwin's Bulldog, the IDEA Center employed Thomas Henry Huxley as our press release agent.
Below are press releases about activities and events of the IDEA Center. Please click on the title to read the full press release.

Two IDEA Center Board Members Defend Intelligent Design in First Things

April 9, 2014

Flight Video Discussion and Study Guide Now Available!

March 12, 2014

Multiple Videos of ID Lectures at UC Irvine Now Available

February 9, 2014

Casey Luskin's Lecture "The Scientific Evidence for Intelligent Design" at UCI 10/2/2013

October 22, 2013

UC Irvine students decry evolution-only science, sponsor intelligent design talk

October 8, 2013

IDEA Center and Illustra Media Publish Video Discussion Guides

June 15, 2013

IDEA Center Board Member Creates Intelligent Design Smart-Phone App for Olive Tree

September 22, 2010

Organizacion Internacional para el Avance Cientifico del Diseno Inteligente

June 29, 2010

Live Blogging from the University of Oklahoma IDEA Club's Premier of "Darwin's Dilemma"

September 28, 2009

IDEA Center Executive Director, Brian Westad, Featured in Salvo Magazine Interview

August 5, 2009

Confused Darwinists Play Coroner with IDEA Center

January 8, 2009

‘Expelled’ documentary explores Darwin, Intelligent Design, religion debate

April 9, 2008

New The Light Bulb Newsletter Released

January 24, 2008

IDEA Club Leader Salvador Cordova on TV in Debate with Michael Shermer

October 11, 2006

New Scientist Reporter Attempts to Deceive IDEA Club

October 6, 2006

New Website Will Start Highlighting Intelligent Design Research

July 23, 2006

Founder of Creationism, Henry Morris Dies

March 6, 2006

Students join debate on intelligent design

November 28, 2005

Cornell Students Critique President Rawlings' Anti-ID Speech

October 26, 2005

NorthWest Arkansas News Article Misunderstands ID from IDEA Center website

September 6, 2005

Mischaracterizations again in SDUT

August 19, 2005

Honest Reporting at the LA Times

August 15, 2005 - Ryan Huxley was interviewed about ID by the LA Times for their 8/14/05 edition.

Free Public Showing of 3 Intelligent Design Videos in San Diego -- July 7, 8, & 9

June 29, 2005

IDEA Fall 2009 Newsletter is Out

June 8, 2005

Eugenie Scott (presumably) concedes that we can detect design, but not identify the designer

April 23, 2005

Calendar of Events: ID Conference in San Juan Capistrano, May 6-7

April 8, 2005

Student Interest Growing: 7 IDEA Clubs Formed this School Year on U.S. University Campuses

April 6, 2005

One Stop Shop for Major IDEA Club Events in Spring Semester, 2005

April 5, 2005

Westminster College IDEA Club Sponsoring Shermer vs. Meyer Debate on ID

March 3, 2005

Truly Fair and Balanced: IDEA Mentioned on San Diego Fox News + Responses to Eugenie Scott & Calamus

March 1, 2005

UT Dallas IDEA Club Sponsoring ID Symposium at University of Texas, Dallas

February 15, 2005

Wall Street Journal Editorial Exposes Witchhunt in Scientific Community against the ID Sympathetic

January 28, 2005

What the Radio Didn't Tell You

November 21, 2004

DDD V - Intelligent Design Conference in Albuquerque, Sept 24-25

September 3, 2004

Three IDEA Clubs form in the Southeastern U.S.

August 14, 2004

IDEA Club forms in the Philippines

July 11, 2004

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May 1, 2004

New IDEA Center Website Online!

April 14, 2004

IDEA Club formed at Midwestern State University, Wichita Falls, Texas

April 13, 2004

Student Intelligent Design Conference in North Carolina

March 31, 2004

IDEA Clubs begin at Franciscan University of Steubenville in Steubenville, Ohio

March 12, 2004

ID Conference at Biola

March 1, 2004

Dr. Stephen Huxley Seeks Students to form IDEA Club at University of San Francisco

January 9, 2004

Another out-of-the-U.S. IDEA Club: IDEA Club begins at University of Victoria, Canada!

November 12, 2003

IDEA Clubs begin at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln and Hillsdale College in Michigan

September 20, 2003

IDEA Center goes International: IDEA Club Begins at Braeside High School, Nairbi Kenya

September 15, 2003

Lost IDEA Club is Found! IDEA Club Begins at Pulaski Academy, Little Rock, Arkansas

September 15, 2003

IDEA Club Begins at the University of Oklahoma

July 16, 2003

IDEA Club Begins at University of Texas, Dallas

January 14, 2003

IDEA Club Founded at California State University, Sacramento

November 4, 2002

Official Report on the IDEA Conference at the University of San Francisco

October 17, 2002

IDEA Club Begins in Baraboo, Wisconsin

October 15, 2002

IDEA Club Begins at Long Beach City College

August 27, 2002

The IDEA Center Welcomes New Staff Members Ryan Huxley and Tristan Abbey

August 9, 2002

At Risk: Intellectual Freedom and Objective Science Education

August 2, 2002

IDEA Center Co-President Presents at "DDD III" Conference

July 30, 2002

IDEA Center co-president to present at "Darwin, Design and Democracy III" Conference on July 26-27,

July 12, 2002

Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness Conference to occur at the University of San Francisco

July 10, 2002

First unofficial meeting of "Origins IDEA Club" hosted at Southern Lehigh High School

May 16, 2002

IDEA's "The Science Behind Intelligent Design Theory" posted off-site on

April 4, 2002

IDEA Center discussed during radio interview with Casey Luskin on KPRZ

March 21, 2002

IDEA Center linked in Chuck Colson's Breakpoint Article, "What Would Darwin Say?"

March 14, 2002

IDEA Club at Vanderbilt University Hosts its First Meeting

February 12, 2002

UCSD IDEA Club Hosts Lecture by Jonathan Wells (Report)

February 6, 2002

IDEA Center "" website up and operational!

January 18, 2002

Jonathan Wells to speak at UC San Diego

January 16, 2002

IDEA Center Indirectly Mentioned in Chronicle of Higher Education Article

December 20, 2001

IDEA Center mentioned in Concerned Women for America's "Family Voice Magazine"

November 6, 2001