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Investigating Origins Questions

When it comes to investigating scientific questions about origins, the IDEA Center firmly believes that it is integrity and only the scientific method which should be employed. Statements about the origins and diversification of life are only scientific if they are based entirely upon repeatable observations and experimentation of the natural world. See our Religious and Scientific Affliations page for details.
Like any organization, IDEA itself is not without its own biases. Our mission statement plainly says that "[a]t the heart of our advocacy is to promote intelligent design theory purely on its scientific merits." We recognize that investigations on origins raises questions that are both religious and scientific in nature, but we are careful not to mix scientific claims with religious claims, and recognize that the two are distinct and different, though complementary to one-another.

Our ultimate hope is that people can at least learn about theories of "intelligent design" and be made aware of the many problems with purely naturalistic explanations for the existence of life. By exposing the lack of scientific evidence supporting the assertion that natural processes are purely responsible for life and conveying the empirical evidence supporting intelligent design theory, we hope to bring to light the value of intelligent design theory and cause people to evaluate their own beliefs.

So, we admit, IDEA does have an agenda and a bias. And, just as we encourage each other to admit bias at our events, the leadership of IDEA freely and publicly acknowledges its own bias: We believe that life is not the result of purely natural processes, but that it was in some way designed by an "intelligence." And because of religious reasons unrelated to intelligent design theory, IDEA Center Leadership believes that the identity of the designer is the God of the Bible.

That's our bias, and we'd love to know more about yours!