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Student Intelligent Design Conference in North Carolina - March 31, 2004

Student ID Conference in North Carolina.  Click for Details On June 24-26, 2004, a student / adult conference on intelligent design is being held in Highlands, North Carolina. The conference will feature speakers from the intelligent design movement such as Michael Behe, Thomas Woodward, and Charles Thaxton. Casey Luskin from the IDEA Center will be present at the conference, and will a lecture on Saturday evening, June 26th, on how to promote intelligent design on a high school or college campus.

This conference has a great lineup of speakers and it looks like there will be a tremendous opportunity to teach both adults and students about intelligent design. We invite those interested and in the area to visit the conference website and check it out!

The mission statement of the conference says the following: This Darwinian tradition of random evolution often ignores the scientific data that indicates that our universe could not have progressed by random chance. Yet, some schools still refuse to present evolution as theory, or to present the growing body of evidence that suggests that all living beings are part of a planned and intelligent design. Respected scientists and scholars continue to introduce compelling evidence that is often in marked contrast to many key elements of Darwin’s theory. Many scientists agree that our universe had a it would follow that there was a designer. New research into the complexities of DNA introduces significant questions regarding Darwin’s theory of gradual evolution. Each living being has its own unique set of DNA instructions in each of its cells, and those instructions, even for the simplest of organisms, are irreducibly complex. No body of empirical evidence suggests that DNA can evolve. Visit for more details, including registration information, for the conference.