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If any text on this page is too small, increase your font size [click for instructions] - May 1, 2004

Some of our visitors experience problems reading

some of the text on our website, which appears too small.

We apologize for this, but it can be easily remedied

by simply increasing the font size in your web browser.

Please follow these instructions to fix the problem:

1. Internet Explorer: Go to the View menu,

then select "Text Size," then select "Medium" or a higher setting.

2. Netscape (7.0): Go to the Edit menu, and

at the bottom select "Preferences." A dialogue box will

open. Expand the "Appearance Menu" by clicking on the

box to the left of the name. Then click "Fonts." You can

now adjust your font size. A font size of 16 or higher is

essentially always readable on our site (you can try lower).

We apologize, but visitors using any Netscape Browser less than

Netscape 7.0 cannot view our site (Netscape 7.0 works fine, but

anything less than Netscape 7.0 does not). Thanks for understanding.