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IDEA Center Board Member Creates Intelligent Design Smart-Phone App for Olive Tree - September 22, 2010

A new Intelligent Design App for iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry has been created by IDEA Center Board Member, Dr. H. Wayne House, the editor of Intelligent Design 101. The App includes links to pro-ID websites, pro-ID blog updates, and FAQs on intelligent design. For more information, visit the Intelligent Design Applet's website, which says the following: Intelligent Design: A New Look at Evidence on Origins, by Dr. Wayne House, offers an overview of the theory of intelligent design. From the introduction:

Intelligent Design (ID) is the theory that the origins of many aspects of nature, including life, and the universe, are best explained by an intelligent cause. It stands in contrast to naturalistic theories which argue that chance-based and undirected processes resulted in the origin and development of the universe and everything in it.
This book offers a concise explanation of the theory of intelligent design and definitions of key concepts, such as irreducible and specified complexity, answers to common questions about and criticisms of intelligent design, and biographical information on the key figures in the development of the theory.
To purchase the app, click here.