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Human Origins and Intelligent Design

by Casey Luskin

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Casey Luskin

IDEA Course 2003 at The Rock University

IDEA Course Syllabus

IDEA Course Reloaded

IDEA Course Reloaded Syllabus

QUIZ & ANSWERS: 2002 IDEA Conference

Online Pre-Registration for the IDEA Conference

IDEA Conference Speaker Information

How to get to the IDEA Conference 2002

IDEA Conference Publicity Files

University of San Francisco -- Hotel Listings

QUIZ & ANSWERS for: Irreducible Complexity and Biological Design

By: Michael Behe, Ph.D.

QUIZ & ANSWERS for: Intelligent Design and the Origin of Animal Phyla

By: Paul Chien, Ph.D.

QUIZ & ANSWERS for: The Philosophical Implications of Intelligent Design and Neo-Darwinism: Bioethics and Personhood

By: Eddie Colanter, M.A.

QUIZ & ANSWERS for: One Long Argument: "The religion behind the scientific arguments for evolution" and "Darwinism: Apologetics, natural theology and the religion in evolution (1600-present)"

By: Cornelius G. Hunter, Ph.D.

QUIZ & ANSWERS for: Can Design Become A Pathway to Discovery?

By: Paul Nelson, Ph.D.

QUIZ & ANSWERS for: Intelligent Design and the Origin of Life

By: Edward Peltzer, Ph.D.

QUIZ & ANSWERS for: The Apologetic Value of Intelligent Design

By: Jay Richards, Ph.D.

QUIZ & ANSWERS for: Cosmic Design

By: Jay Richards, Ph.D.

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PBS Evolution Episode 7, "What about God?": A tabular summary

The IDEA Center "Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness Course" 2002

The IDEA Course in Orange County

7-part PBS series on evolution challenged by 100 scientists

By Art Toalston

Think Again Conference

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Michael Behe's Speaking Schedule

IDEA Course Syllabus @ CBC

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