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New IDEA Center Website Online! - April 14, 2004

Newfangled Web Factory

Newfangled Web Facotry deserves the thanks and credit for designing our new website. Visit to learn more about their web design company!
If you're reading this, then you already know: The IDEA Center has a new website! This site is the result of the fine work of Newfangled Web Factory.

The site has a new design, and uses new logos and other graphics. We hope this site is more user friendly than our last because it features a pop-down-menu navigation system, and a side-bar menu navigation system. The site features all our articles from our old website, plus new ones such as:
  • FAQ and Primer section
  • New Articles
  • Improved Origins News Updates
  • Calendar of Upcoming Events
  • More information about the IDEA Center

    Finally, many of our articles and resources are now available in PDF format, easily printable for teaching, and educational use!

    Special thanks goes to Newfangled web designer Justin Kerr, who did the incredible graphic design and designed the site layout, and who also spearheaded this project. We at the IDEA Center must say that not only have we been completely satisfied by Newfangled's quality of work, and customer care, but (and not to boast) we are absolutely blown away at the site they produced. Thanks Newfangled.

    If you are looking to obtain an easy-to-naviagate website with an amazing graphic design, look no further than Newfangled. Not only that, but we have experienced that their Webtop online graphic-user-interface site management system is easy to use, and makes building and maintaining our website very efficient and easy. We say this entirely on our own will, but they have taken amazing care of us, and we are satisfied.

    In conclusion, we at the IDEA Center are very excited about this new site. Most of all, we hope that this site will serve you, the viewer, and help you learn more about intelligent design and evolution! Please enjoy perusing the site, and feel free to e-mail us any feedback or comments you have!