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IDEA Clubs begin at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln and Hillsdale College in Michigan - September 20, 2003

The IDEA Center is proud to announce that 2 new IDEA Clubs have been started with the inception of the 2003-2004 school year. Both leaders of these clubs contacted the IDEA Center during the summer of 2003, expressing an interest in founding an IDEA Club at their schools.

The first club was founded by an undergraduate at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, and the club is named "Intelligent Design Theorists of Nebraska." The club's founder chose to have the club affiliated with the IDEA Center in order to have access to the resources the Center provides to IDEA Clubs. The founder is excited about helping his fellow students learn about intelligent design at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

The second club was founded at Hillsdale College in Michigan by an undergraduate majoring in history and philosophy. Hillsdale College was the site of the The Intelligent Design Debate at Hillsdale College, which lasted from November 10-13, 2002. IDEA Center staff were on the air with San Diego radio talk host Michael Law during all three days of the conference, providing commentary on the conference, and so the IDEA Center knows that Hillsdale has taken a keen interest in intelligent design! Though the club's founder is a very-involved senior, he hopes to help the IDEA Club at Hillsdale grow by getting other students involved.

To contact the clubs, try the following:
Intelligent Design Theorists of Nebraska: