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IDEA Center Indirectly Mentioned in Chronicle of Higher Education Article - December 20, 2001

The IDEA Center was indirectly mentioned in a Chronicle of Higher Education article entitled "Darwinism Under Attack", on intelligent design, on December 21, 2001. Article author Beth McMurtrie contacted IDEA Center administrator Casey Luskin in early December and asked about the IDEA Club at UCSD and the IDEA Center. The article indirectly mentioned IDEA in the following section: "Some scientists who have tackled anti-evolution arguments in the classroom say their discipline must do more on that front. "The other professors typically ignore it, and I think that's irresponsible, given the strategy of the creationists to infiltrate the school boards of the communities around the country, and pervert the undergraduate system that American kids are entitled to," says David S. Woodruff, chairman of the department of ecology, behavior, and evolution at the University of California at San Diego.

Last year, members of a student-run intelligent-design club handed out to Mr. Woodruff's students a list of 10 questions that disputed the evidence for evolution. One of the club's founders is now organizing intelligent-design clubs on other campuses."

The IDEA Center would like to sincerely thank Beth McMurtrie for contacting us regarding her article as well as for giving us brief mention in it.

An online public discussion of the article can also be read at and the article can be read in its entirety at the Chronicle of Higher Education website at "".