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IDEA Club Begins at the University of Oklahoma - July 16, 2003

On July 15th, 2003, an IDEA Club was officially chartered on the University of Oklahoma campus in Norman, Oklahoma. The IDEA Club at "OU" was founded by three students who previusly helped to run another club but desired to start an IDEA Club to promote intelligent design theory at OU. This is the 9th IDEA Club chapter which has been formed, and makes for 6 currently active clubs.

The Club already has an established track record of bringing professors and scientists to come speak on topics related to creation and evolution before students. They have a large membership including faculty who regularly participate in their club's activities.

The IDEA Center is excited about the opportunity to bring the OU IDEA Club into affiliation with the IDEA Center. Club leaders include James Wickett (, Russell Hunter (, and Chris Schaefer (

For more information about the IDEA Club at Oklahoma University, please visit their website at