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IDEA Club at Vanderbilt University Hosts its First Meeting - February 12, 2002

On February 12th, 2002, dubbed "Darwin Day" by evolutionist enthusiasts, the IDEA Club at Vanderbilt University started with its first official meeting. Vanderbilt IDEA Club president Josh Smart (, a sophomore microbiology major, founded the club during spring semester, 2002 and had the following report to give from their first meeting: "The Vanderbilt chapter of IDEA Club symbolically held its first meeting on this past Tuesday, Darwin Day. The topic was "the man" himself. Questions such as "Does Darwin deserve a 'day'?", "Was Darwin's contribution more scientific, philisophical, or religious?", and "Where does Darwin rank among the greatest scientist of all time?" were all considered. Discussion was friendly and lively, stopping only because of the pressing homework of those involved. Although the turnout was less than hoped for, many have expressed interest in the club and we hope to be completely underway soon. For more information about the Vanderbilt chapter of IDEA Club visit our website which should be up and running within a week or so." The IDEA Center is very excited because this is the first fully operational IDEA Club chapter to get started since the inception of the IDEA Center. Josh says that the club is seeking a faculty sponsor at Vanderbilt University, as well as some financial funding so their club can get started.

If you have any information leading to a faculty sponsor or funding for the IDEA Club at Vanderbilt, you will receive no earthly reward, but you'll make some eager and enthusiastic college students very happy, and help their club get off the ground. We ask that you please contact us at "" or Josh Smart at "" if you can help in any way.

If you have any questions about the IDEA Club at Vanderbilt University, please contact Josh Smart at "".