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IDEA Club Founded at California State University, Sacramento - November 4, 2002

The IDEA Center is excited to announce the initiation of the IDEA Club at Cal State Sacramento (also called CSUS or Sac State). Although the IDEA Center anticipates that a few more clubs will soon begin, this is the 6th IDEA Club founded to date.

The club's founder, Lori Schleppenbach, has a strong interest in the creation - evolution issue and is a former member of the IDEA Club at UCSD. Lori is a math major, but she enjoys taking classes on evolutionary theory and evolutionary history. She has particularly focused on anthropology classes and studying primates and their alleged ancestry with humans.

This club has been in the works since Lori arrived at CSUS in the fall of 2002, and decided to found a club.

The IDEA Club at CSUS plans to spend its first semester of the fall-2002 school year introducing itself to the campus through various activities. Free showings of videos will take place as the year goes on. Please check back at this page for details about the IDEA Club at CSUS.

In the mean time, feel free to contact Lori at for any information about the club or visit their home page at