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NorthWest Arkansas News Article Misunderstands ID from IDEA Center website - September 6, 2005

On September 6, 2005, the Northwest Arkansas News service carried an article about ID at§ion=News&storyid=24942. The article purports to describe intelligent design based upon the IDEA Center website, but unfortunately gets it wrong. The details are discussed in the letter-to-the-editor sent below: Dear Editor,

In “High school teachers given freedom to discuss any theories on origin,”Virginia Vickery seems to have misread how intelligent design (ID) is described on the IDEA Center website ( Vickery states that the IDEA Center website says that ID “suggests that the complex creation and design of the universe can be explained by the existence of a powerful intelligent force or being, and is said to fill in the gaps in the theory of evolution.” Both counts are wrong.

Firstly, our website, and ID theory, makes it very clear that ID theory cannot identify the designer or describe its nature. Our article “Is Intelligent Design Theory Really an Argument for God?” states that “intelligent design theory tells us nothing about the nature of the designer, and cannot determine if the designer was natural or supernatural.”

Finally, our website explains that ID theory is not merely meant to “fill in the gaps” in evolution.” Although Neo-Darwinism surely fails to explain many things, our FAQ regarding the “Gap” argument states that “we do not merely infer design because of the gap, but because of our understanding of the type of complexity created by intelligent agents when they act.” It is for this reason that “[i]ntelligent design works off positive predictions about where experience tells us that intelligent design is the cause at work.”

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Casey Luskin

Co-President, Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness (IDEA) Center (
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