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IDEA Center linked in Chuck Colson's Breakpoint Article, "What Would Darwin Say?" - March 14, 2002

On March, 14, 2002, Chuck Colson's daily Breakpoint article gave a link to the IDEA Center. Colson was a member of the White House Staff during Nixon's presidency, known as the "hatchet man" for his hard line political tactics. Although not involved in the infamous Watergate Burglary himself, Colson was sent to prison for obstruction of justice after pleading guilty to charges related to the Watergate Scandal. Through the experience Colson became a Christian, left politics, and founded Prison Fellowship Ministries, a Christian ministry aiding prisoners. Colson's Breakpoint article is a daily social commentary, produced by the staff at Prison Fellowship Ministries and also broadcasted on many radio stations in the U.S. The article is also e-mailed to many thousands of people across the country. The March 14th article was titled, "What Would Darwin Say?," regarding the recent intelligent design controversy in Ohio. The internet version as well as the e-mail version of the article had a link to the IDEA Center at its end under the "For Further Reading and Information" Section: The Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness Center (IDEA) fosters conversation about intelligent design among students, educators, and other interested parties. The IDEA Center has since been referenced in other Breakpoint articles, including April 5th (Standing Up For Intellectual Freedom), May 21st (Science Journalism with Genuine Balance), and May 22nd (The Remarkable Story of Roger DeHart), June 27th (Considering the Evidence), and June 28th (Fingerprints of a Designer), 2002. Notable also from the March 14th article are statements made by Robert Wright in a recent article in Time Magazine, where Colson reported: "science writer Robert Wright noted that intelligent design advocates "have raised productive doubts -- and, in science, being productively wrong is nearly as valuable as being right." Going further, Wright notes that "no one knows how DNA began to replicate or how the universe got built in such a way that replication was possible. Itís not crazy to think that such initial conditions were set by some intelligence for an overarching purpose that is still unfolding." It seems that Wright has at least given that intelligent design advocates have some decent arguments on their side. In conclusion, the IDEA Center would like to thank Chuck Colson and those who work with him to produce Breakpoint (such as Catherina Hurlburt) for including a link to the IDEA Center from today's article. We are grateful to the people at Breakpoint for feeling the IDEA Center worthy of their links selections on intelligent design. Chuck Colson's Breakpoint articles are: Copyright (c) 2002 Prison Fellowship Ministries. Reprinted with permission. "BreakPoint with Chuck Colson" is a radio ministry of Prison Fellowship Ministries.