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About IDEA Center

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Dr. Jay Wesley Richards at the IDEA Conference 2002

Dr. Jay Wesley Richards, co-author of The Privileged Planet, teaches note-taking audience members about the design of the universe during an IDEA Conference.
The focus of all of the IDEA Center's activities is education.  We have a variety of programs through which we educate those interested in the topic of “origins” about intelligent design, evolution, and other viewpoints in the debate.


  • IDEA Clubs:  The IDEA Center supports an international network IDEA Clubs, which are student-led clubs on college and high school campuses, and in communities, that promote awareness of the scientific evidence supporting intelligent design.
  • Newsletters: The Light Bulb is the Center's free semi-annual newsletter, providing science updates, and articles covering current topics of interest in the intelligent design and creation - evolution issue.
  • Seminars: IDEA Center Staff give lectures to college, high school, and junior high science or other classes at public and private schools, as well as before church and community groups. Fees are reasonable and go towards supporting the IDEA Center. A limited number of complimentary or reduced fee speaking engagements are available to educational institutions.
  • Classes: The Center teaches the "IDEA Course," a 5-15 week class covering the basics of intelligent design and evolution.
  • Conferences: The Center hosts large weekend conferences. Our first "IDEA Conference 2002" was held at the University of San Francisco and drew over 150 people.
  • Website: The Center maintains an informative website with free articles, graphics, links, and other resources.