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IDEA Center Executive Director, Brian Westad, Featured in Salvo Magazine Interview - August 5, 2009

IDEA Center's Executive Director Brian Westad was featured in an interview of the Sprign 2009 issue of Salvo Magazine about how he became a proponent of intelligent design (ID). Westad recalls that when he first learned about evolution, he categorized himself as a "theistic evolutionist" which was "intellectually weak, and it didn't take much for me to shrink back from defending my beliefs." Later, after a graduate student friend introduced him to intelligent design, Brian realized "that Darwinism was not based on evidence, but on naturalistic philosophy, and that the evidence pointed in a completely different direction." According to Brian, once he learned about the scientific evidence for ID, this helped him have "the intellectual high ground when debating these issues." Read Brian's story of his intellectual shift to ID in Salvo Magazine 8