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IDEA Center discussed during radio interview with Casey Luskin on KPRZ - March 21, 2002

On March, 19, 2002, IDEA Center co-director Casey Luskin was on The Grapevine with Michael Law on KPRZ AM 1210. Casey first got in touch with Michael Law in February, 2002, as Michael Law had a phone interview with IDEA Center Advisory Board member Jay Wesley Richards. Casey called in to the show notify listeners about Richards' upcoming IDEA Club-sponsored talk at UCSD on May 6th, 2002. Through this call, Michael Law became interested in learning more about the IDEA Club at UCSD and the IDEA Center, leading to this March 19th radio interview.

The March 19th radio discussion between Casey and Michael Law began at 5:30 pm and lasted about 45 minutes. A variety of topics were discussed including the IDEA Club at UCSD, the IDEA Center, the recent intelligent design controversy in Ohio, the Santorum Ammendment, and the general educational and political climate in academia. They also discussed the Christian presence and influence at UCSD.

Law, who is pastor at Community Christian Church in San Marcos and also teaches Junior High history and social studies, was very interested in hearing about the experience that religious or conservative students have attending a public university.

Michael Law also graciously allowed us to promote the upcoming IDEA Center intelligent design class and talk about IDEA Club student chapters. The IDEA Center would like to thank Michael Law for allowing us to publicize our group, and also for taking the time to give the issues surrounding intelligent design theory airtime on his show.