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Lost IDEA Club is Found! IDEA Club Begins at Pulaski Academy, Little Rock, Arkansas - September 15, 2003

This announcement is long overdue as the Pulaski IDEA Club actually began about a year ago early in the 2002-2003 school year. Located at Pulaski Academy, a private, non-sectarian K-12 school in Little Rock, Arkansas, the Pulaski IDEA Club might say that it once was lost but now is found. The IDEA Center was unaware that the Pulaski IDEA Club had been active during its first 2002-2003 school year in existence. We recently came into contact with the club's founder and learned that during their first year they watched videos, had discussions, and even had social activities!

The club was founded by the leadership of Pulaski high school physics teacher, Doug Reed, who has taught at Pulaski for over 9 years. Also the faculty sponsor for the Pulaski Academy Engineering Club, Mr. Reed has seen a number of students become interested in the IDEA Club and get involved.

Having re-discovered our lost chapter, we at the IDEA Center hope to help Mr. Reed and his students make IDEA Club at Pulaski Academy a success.

For more information about the IDEA Club at Pulaski Academy, please contact Doug Reed at