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IDEA Club Begins in Baraboo, Wisconsin - October 15, 2002

Baraboo, Wisconsin president Ralph Krainik has recently founded the first "off-campus" IDEA Club. Ralph has been interested in the creation - evolution issue for many years, and is very experienced in the debate! Below is a Press Release issued by Mr. Krainik regarding the formation of the club.

Mr. Krainik can be e-mailed at

Information about their upcoming events can be found on their website at

The following is a press released by the Baraboo IDEA Club:


Press Release

OCTOBER 15, 2002

A local club to discuss the Intelligent Design movement and to analyze the claims for the Darwinian theory of the evolution of life is being formed. The IDEA Center was founded in 2001, from the original IDEA Club at the University of California at San Diego which began in May of 1999, after a lecture by former UC Berkeley law professor, Phillip Johnson. He is known for his books critiquing Darwinian evolution and his leadership in the "Intelligent Design Movement".

Other IDEA Center advisors include:
• Michael Behe, Ph. D. in biochemistry & author of Darwin's Black Box.
• William Dembski, Ph.D. in philosophy, Ph.D. in mathematics and a Masters of Divinity. He is the author of ³The Design Inference², ³Intelligent Design² & ³No Free Lunch².
• Jonathan Wells, Ph.D. in Molecular and Cell Biology from UC Berkeley and a Ph.D. in Religious Studies from Yale University. He is also author of the books "Charles Hodge's Critique of Darwinism" and "Icons of Evolution".

The IDEA Club goals are to:
• Promote, as a scientific theory, the idea that life was designed by an Intelligent Designer
• Hold, through other arguments, that the identity of the Designer is consistent with the God of the Bible
• Educate people about scientific problems with purely natural explanations for the origins and evolution of life
• Challenge the philosophical assumptions of Darwinism, naturalism, and materialism

The IDEA Club will meet at the home of Ralph & Pamela Krainik, 215 6th St., Baraboo, WI. For information, please call (608) 356-0483 or check the website:


(Mr. Krainik can also be contacted at