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DDD V - Intelligent Design Conference in Albuquerque, Sept 24-25 - September 3, 2004

The Fifth Annual symposium on Intelligent Design on Sept 24 & 25 in Albuquerque will feature 20 experts in a discussion about how cosmology, biology and paleontology seem to converge on design and how this discussion can be carried on in a public school classroom. The program begins with a showing of the new Video The Privileged Planet and commentary by the authors of the related book - Astronomer Guillermo Gonzalez and Philosopher Jay Richards. The Saturday evening finale features the two scientists that have provided the foundation for design theory - Biochemist Michael Behe and Mathematician William Dembski. They will explain the status of design theory in the academic world and how it is aiding scientific discovery. In between a number of scientists will discuss the data regarding the origin of life and the phenomena of biological convergence, how it seems to point toward design rather than natural selection and how that information can be included in public school curricula.

The program is designed for the public and should be of special interest to science teachers, school board members and school administrators. Albuquerque is a great place to visit in September and is close to Santa Fe and Taos.

IDEA Center co-president Casey Luskin will be presenting on how to start an IDEA Club as well as on paleomagnetism and the "privileged planet" hypothesis.

The symposium is priced to fit any budget. Admission to all events for Teachers and Students is $20 and $60 for an entire family.

Go to for details and registration.