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New Website Will Start Highlighting Intelligent Design Research - July 23, 2006

A new website, has been recently launched. This site will provide high-quality online resources covering intelligent design. As a research website, is an on-line knowledgebase for theoretically, empirically, and technologically exploring intelligent design. While IDEA staff have provided some initial brainstorming and encouragement for the founder of the site, the site is autonomous and is not connected with the IDEA Center.

Established by ID theorist and author Joseph C. Campana, the site assembles the many separate lines of information, reasoning, and evidence that support ID, and melds them into a lucid, unified, and accessible corpus. explores intelligent design by producing resources of many types: research proposals, biographical entries, project descriptions, articles on related issues, and a glossary that defines ID jargon.

The website has recently been featured on several blogs and forums for one of their articles entitled "ID at the Academy," which catalogues university classes around the world covering intelligent design. The founder and webmaster of this knowledgebase is currently writing an essay series called "Paradigm Dawning," which touches on many topics related to intelligent design including: scientific curiosity, research criticism, teleology, ID research programs, and technological trends in science. Additionally, has initiated a Catalog of Fundamental Facts, which William Dembski and David Berlinski identified as an invaluable resource for the intelligent design community.

The site is a collaborative project where serious users can register free and contribute. With its easy access nature and collaborative features, is sure to be an asset to the intelligent design community and a thorn in the side of ID critics.