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IDEA Center Co-President Presents at "DDD III" Conference - July 30, 2002

On July 26-27, 2002, the Intelligent Design Network (unaffiliated with the IDEA Center) hosted the annual "Darwin, Design, and Democracy III Conference" in Kansas City, MO. Leaders of the Intelligent Design Movement discussed our scientific, cultural, and educational approach to origins science.

The IDEA Center was given an opportunity to present at this conference on "How to Start an IDEA Club." We were very grateful that the organizers of the conference gave IDEA Center co-president Casey Luskin the opportunity to present at a concurrent session. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet many students interested in starting IDEA Clubs and promoting intelligent design at their schools.

In preparation for the presentation, the IDEA Center prepared its first official IDEA Club Startup Packet. These packets are meant to serve as manuals to anyone interested in starting and running an IDEA Club. For more information about starting a club or receiving a packet, please see, How to start an IDEA Club.

All in all, the presentations at the conference were a success. We were not expecting a large number of attendees to take part in our sessions. Attendees also had the option to choose from a number of other sessions, most of which centered around more controversial or simply more interesting topics. However, we were glad that about 8 people showed up, and most expresssed an interest in receiving a startup packet. Over the course of the conference, we were able to give away nearly 20 packets. Hopefully the packets will fall into the hands of students eager to start an IDEA Club. If you would like an audio-tape of the presentation on how to start an IDEA Club, please contact the Center at "".

We also distributed hundreds of IDEA Center brochures, IDEA Conference brochures, as well as many copies of the first IDEA Spring 2002 newsletter. This conference brought the IDEA Center to the attention of many people across the country for the first time! The IDEA Center would like to thank the "Intelligent Design Network for allowing us to have the opportunity to present at their conference.