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About IDEA Center

Advisory Board

The IDEA Center Advisory board consists of scholars, authors, and scientists who have a pro-intelligent design perspective in their academic and professional work. The purpose of the Advisory Board is to inform the IDEA Center in its endeavors as its members see fit or whenever called upon.

All our Advisory Board members share with the IDEA Center a common belief in the scientific merit of intelligent design theory and a commitment to promoting a better understanding of these issues to the public. We are therefore pleased to announce that our Advisory Board consists of:
Advisory Board Member

John Baumgardner, Advisory Board Member

Former Geophysicist, Los Alamos National Laboratory; B.S. Electrical Engineering, Texas Tech University; M.S. Electrical Engineering, Princeton University; Ph.D. Geophysics and Space Physics, UCLA.
Advisory Board Member

Michael Behe, Advisory Board Member

Advisory Board Member

William Dembski, Advisory Board Member

Associate Research Professor, Conceptual Foundations of Science, Baylor University; Ph.D. Philosophy, Univerity of Illinois at Chicago; Ph.D. Mathematics, University of Chicago; Masters of Divinity, Princeton Theological Seminary.
Advisory Board Member

Mark Hartwig, Advisory Board Member

Ph.D. Educational Psychology, UC Santa Barbara.
Advisory Board Member

Phillip Johnson, Advisory Board Member

Advisory Board Member

Jay Wesley Richards, Advisory Board Member

Ph.D. (honors) Philosophy and Theology, Princeton Theological Seminary

Dennis Wagner, Advisory Board Member

Executive Director, Access Research Network.
Advisory Board Member

Jonathan Wells, Advisory Board Member

Ph.D. Molecular and Cell Biology, UC Berkeley; Ph.D. Religious Studies, Yale University.