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IDEA Center and Illustra Media Publish Video Discussion Guides - June 15, 2013

The IDEA Center is pleased to announce, working in conjunction with Illustra Media, the release of video discussion and study guides for four highly regarded intelligent design documentaries. The guides were created and written by IDEA Center President Ryan Huxley, with input from other IDEA staff. The discussion and study guides are listed below:The discussion and study guides are designed to help viewers learn about the intelligent design concepts covered in the videos. They include short-answer-style questions, fill-in-the-blank, multiple-choice questions, and true/false statements as well as discussion questions. The guides can be used for individual or group study, though the discussion questions are best for group learning situations. Answers to questions are provided at the back of each guide.

Because the discussion questions are sometimes more open ended, possible (though not exhaustive) answers are provided. Additional resources are referenced in the ‘Answers’ portion for those interested in gaining a more detailed understanding of a particular topic.

The short-answer questions are taken directly from the videos. Tougher questions are usually at the end. Discussion questions are often open-ended and have been broken into two different categories: 1) those relating directly to a video topic, and 2) those that relate to a video topic, but are not explicitly covered in the video. Answering questions that extend the material covered in the video may require “a little digging” to arrive at an answer using additional resources.

If you would like to start a club to discuss intelligent design and evolution at your school, university, or in your community, consider starting an Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness (IDEA) Club! The IDEA Center helps students start IDEA Clubs on college and high school campuses, as well as in communities, around the U.S. and the world. The IDEA Center can provide resources to help you start an IDEA Club - and you do not have to be an ID expert to start one. Please see our IDEA Club Page for further information.

Please direct any feedback or input about the guides to