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About IDEA Center

Administration Team

IDEA staff pose with UC Berkeley Law Professor Phillip Johnson after a Center - sponsored lecture. Our small staff is based out of San Diego, California, and handles the programs and activities of the IDEA Center.

Professor Johnson, whose writings helped form the intelligent design movement, is a member of the IDEA Center's Advisory Board.
The IDEA Center has a small Administrators Team (or Staff) who run the day-to-day operations of the Center, including outreach, communication, intelligent design promotion, web-related issues, financial management, and IDEA Club Chapter coordination. Please click on an individual's name for biographical information. (Bios are descriptions of the primary administrators of the IDEA Center and are not necessarily representative of the beliefs, philosophies, or interests of the IDEA Center as a whole or any of its members, affiliates, or IDEA Club chapters).

Mario Lopez, Information Support Technician

Mario Lopez is a state-licensed administrator currently in charge of two Level 4I adult residential facilities that work with persons with developmental disabilities. He is an expert on the science of intelligent design and has co-founded Organizacion Internacional para el Avance Cientifico del Diseno Inteligente (OIACDI) (formerly Ciencia Alternativa), an ID think tank for the Spanish-speaking community.

Dennis LaVorgna, Chief Financial Officer


Ryan Huxley, President; Director of Public Relations (Press / Media Contact)

B.S. Engineering, UCSD; M.S. Engineering, UCSD; Structural Engineer, Professional Engineer.


Casey Luskin

B.S. Earth Sciences, UCSD; M.S. Earth Sciences, UCSD; J.D. University of San Diego School of Law.


E-mail: ""


Steve Renner

Owner, Omega Builders.

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