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Intelligent Design Proponents Toil More than the Critics: A Response to Wesley Elsberry and Jeffrey Shallit

Time Aping over Human-Chimp Genetic Similarities

No Comparison to Celeste Biever: A Response to Wesley Elsberry's Unjustified and Irrelevant Character Attacks Upon Casey Luskin

Responses to Wikipedia's Error-Filled Article on the IDEA Center

Updated July 17, 2007

PBS Airs False Facts in its "Inherit the Wind" Version of the Kitzmiller Trial

"Artificial Life" Or Intelligently Designed Plagiarism?

The NCSE, Judge Jones, and Citation Bluffs About the Origin of New Functional Genetic Information

Truth or Dare with Dr. Ken Miller: A Lecture Guide to the Anti-Intelligent Design Claims by Dr. Kenneth Miller

Evolution Education Survey Promotes Discrimination Against Darwin-Doubting Teachers

Intelligent Design in the Editorials of the San Diego Union Tribune (Union Tribune, November 21, 2005) [Intro Page]

A Privileged Understanding of The Privileged Planet?

Response to eSkeptic's Review of The Privileged Planet Video

Mischaracterizations again in SDUT

A Response to 8/5/05 "Creationism Redux"

Editing the Editorials of the San Diego Union Tribune

Not-So-Quick But Nonetheless Dirty Review of the Kitzmiller Decision

And the Miller Told His Tale: Ken Miller's Cold (Chromosomal) Fusion (Updated)

A redefinition of Science?

Response to “Voodoo Science” editorial in SDUT 11/21/05

38 Nobel Laureates Didn't Get Eugenie Scott's Memo

These Eminent Type II Darwinist Critics Didn't Get the Memo

Monkey Brains Evolution -- A Response to the Union Tribune

Retroactive Confessions of Ignorance and Overblown Claims of Evolution: Observing Evolutionist and Media Behavior after Discovering "Missing Links"

Taking a Closer Look at Tiktaalik and recent "missing links" in "human evolution."

Refuted Before it was Written: A Guide to Allen Orr's "Devolution" Article in The New Yorker

Addressing Dinesh D’Souza's Misunderstandings About Intelligent Design

A Response to D'Souza's "The Failure of 'Intelligent Design'"

Evolution by Intelligent Design: A Response to Lenski et al.

Lenski et al., "The Evolution of Biological Complexity, " Nature, 423:139-144 (May 8, 2003)

When Nature Called: Reflections and Responses to the Nature Articles Mentioning IDEA

A Compilation by IDEA Affiliates

University of California, San Diego Forces All Freshmen To Attend Anti-ID Lecture

Thoughts on "Intelligent design: Who has designs on your students' minds?"

Part I -- by Salvador Cordova

Affirmation of Brumfiel's "Natural Divisions" Article: IDEA Membership, Goals, and Philosophy

Part II: Correspondence Between Salvador Cordova and Dr. Eugenie Scott

University of Virginia Magazine Prints Abbreviated Pro-ID Letters

Some Questions and Answers in Response to Nick Matzke and "Steve U." [Updated]

Inaccurate Discussion: A Response to Scott LaFee's "Intelligent Discussion" (Union Tribune, June 8, 2005) [Intro Page]

Inaccurate Discussion: A Response to Scott LaFee's "Intelligent Discussion" (Union Tribune, June 8, 2005) [Short Version]

Inaccurate Discussion: A Response to Scott LaFee's "Intelligent Discussion" (Union Tribune, June 8, 2005) [Long Version]

Bait-and-Switch -- A Response to Michael Shermer's LA Times Editorial

ACLU Intelligent Design FAQ: An Analysis and Response

See the links below for commentary on each FAQ

A Response to SDUT's “Advocates for teaching option to evolution in schools gaining”

More misunderstandings and stereotypes abound

     Response to ACLU ID FAQ: Part 1

     "What is the concept of 'intelligent design'?"

     Response to ACLU ID FAQ: Part 2

     "How is intelligent design like and unlike traditional creationism?"

     Response to ACLU ID FAQ: Part 3

     "Where did intelligent design come from?"

     Response to ACLU ID FAQ: Part 4

     "Is intelligent design a credible scientific theory?"

     Response to ACLU ID FAQ: Part 5

     "Is evolution anti-religious?"

     Response to ACLU ID FAQ: Part 6

     "Is evolution 'just' a theory?"

     Response to ACLU ID FAQ: Part 7

     "Is evolution education important?"

A Response to Newsweek's "Doubting Darwin"

When will objective, accurate journalism return?

A Holiday Truce: A Holocaust Survivor Speaks Out

An Interview with Laura Hillman, and Commentary

Questioning Orthodoxy: Dr. Alan Feduccia Speaks on the Origin of Birds

Some brief notes from his lecture at the San Diego Museum of Natural History, 11/29/04

FOX News Story: Eliminate Evolution?

A Letter to FOX News on a Recently Aired Story (8/23/02): Eliminate Evolution?

Response to James O. Goldsborough's "Another attempt to deny evolution"

Goldsborough's article was published in the San Diego Union Tribune on February 12, 2004

IDEA Center Response to "Got Proof?" in the San Diego Union Tribune (5/3/02)

PBS Launches Controversial 7-Part Series, "Evolution"

A Comprehensive Response and Summary

Response to Dr. John E. McCosker Regarding Events in the Roseville Joint Union High School District, California

Refuting the Wind: A Tolerant, Thoughtful Darwinist Who Misunderstands Intelligent Design

A response to Larry Arnhart

Was Fox News (and Eugenie Scott) Wrong?

A Recount of Fox News Covering the ID Debate

Responding to Criticism with Responsiveness (and Other Responses to Misinformation)

Musings, Documentation of Change articles in Response to Criticisms, & Correction of Misinformation