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misc Your Source for the latest News on Intelligent Design and the Creation - Evolution Issue.

Progress in science comes through time and the hard work of scientists making careful observations and research. This page aims to point you to some of the most interesting news of recent scientific publications, science discoveries, and research findings which are of interest in the debate over intelligent design and evolution.

Please select a link to see news of that category:
  • Genetics, Microbiology, and Systematics News
  • Origins of Life News
  • Paleontology News
  • Cosmology and Physics News
  • Evolutionary Biology News
  • Intelligent Design News
  • Education, Law, and Politics News
  • Human Evolution and Human Interest News
  • Science and Religion News

    The IDEA Center also highly recommends visiting Creation - Evolution Headlines at for the most expansive and clearly written origins news website on the internet!

    Also, try a Google Intelligent Design News Search or Google Evolution News Search.

    Finally, if you have a news item or recent scientific discovery or publication which you would like to report to us, please feel free to e-mail us at "" and we might post the news item!