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IDEA Clubs are a growing network of student-led clubs on university and high school campuses around the United States and worldwide.


Most students today are not exposed to the full range of scientific evidence about how life arose, and are led to believe that all forms of life exist purely due to blind, naturalistic processes. The IDEA Center supports a network of "IDEA Club Student Chapters" that allow students on high school and university to fill the gaps in science education by educating others about the scientific evidence supporting intelligent design and challenging evolution. In doing this, IDEA Clubs bring people from all sides of the creation-evolution controversy together in good-spirited, friendly, and informed discussion about origins issues.


IDEA Club Chapters have formed at public or private, secular or religious, high school, or college campuses. IDEA Clubs can also thrive off campus in communities, based out of community groups or churches. To facilitate outreach, the IDEA Center provides IDEA Clubs with informational materials including videos, books, articles, and journals.  To find out more about IDEA Clubs, please see any of the following links:


Here is what leaders in the intelligent design movement are saying about IDEA Clubs:





"IDEA Clubs provide an ideal forum for students to engage the growing scientific field of intelligent design. Only through an informed and respectful exchange of ideas can the understanding and acceptance of intelligent design theory prosper in the academy. IDEA Clubs are exemplary in facilitating such exchange."

William A. Dembski

Baylor University; Author of The Design Inference






"IDEA Clubs are a terrific idea whose time has come. Students who want to play a part in the great battle for the mind of our culture should become involved in IDEA Clubs."


Phillip Johnson

Author of Darwin on Trial