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About the Library

The IDEA Center lending library is a collection of resources, related to intelligent design and the creation - evolution issue, that are available for free loan to IDEA Clubs. The items in the library belong to individuals who are affiliated with the IDEA Center, and they are willing to make their own resources available for free loan to IDEA Clubs. .

How to Borrow a Resource:
We at the IDEA Center aim to make our the resources in our lending library easy to borrow, but we must create a few simple rules.

If you would like to to borrow an item from our lending library, please e-mail us at, telling us which item(s) you would like to borrow, and we will put you in touch with the owner of the resource(s). The item will be lent to you for free, but you and the owner of the resource will negotiate the terms of the lending, including the duration of the lending and what should happen if the item is not returned.

Once you and the owner agree on the terms, the owner will send you the resource. The owner will cover the postage cost to send it to you, but you must cover the postage to return the item.

Also, be sure to read the "fine print" (terms of lending, responsibility of IDEA Center) below. All the resources we have available for loan and check out, along with a brief description, are listed in th following links:

  • Books Available from the Library
  • Audio and Video Resources Available from the Library

    Please note that the listing of any resource does not necessarily imply full endorsement by the IDEA Center of the views expressed in that resource.

    The fine print: Terms of lending, and responsibility of the IDEA Center:
    IDEA Center Administrators, Board of Directors, and anyone else affiliated with the IDEA Center of the IDEA Center take no responsibility for the terms and conditions of the lending of any resource listed on this website. The terms of lending are to be decided upon and enforced individually by the lender and the borrower of the resource. The terms and enforcement of the terms of the lending are a matter solely between the borrower and the lender, and the IDEA Center takes no responsibility for the loss, damage, or theft of any book due to the lending agreement made between the borrower and the lender of any resource available on this site. This page is simply an informal resource format through which potentially interested borrowers can find out about resources made available by the lenders, and to help put interested borrowers in touch with the lenders. We hope you will find it useful as you try to learn about the creation - evolution issue.