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IDEA Course Reloaded

IDEA Course Reloaded

The IDEA Course Reloaded was the third IDEA Course taught by the Center. It was so named because it saw vast improvements over previous IDEA Courses, and plus it just sounded cool.

Course Update: This IDEA Course finished up on November 24, 2003. We had between 15 and 20 registrants, with about 12-15 attending each week. The IDEA Center would like to thank Carlsbad Community Church for permitting us to use their facilities and equipment in teaching this course, would particularly like to thank Matt Tague and Russ Nelson for all their help. We also are grateful for the wonderful class members who made the class such an enjoyable and beneficial experience for all. This was our most extensive class to date, and we are grateful to all who made it a success. We look forward to teaching the IDEA Course in Orange County

--IDEA Course instructors

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