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  • Texas Decision Gives ID Proponents Some, but Not All They Asked for; Textbooks Will be Improved: According to a News Article in the Texas Tech Daily, the Texas State Board of Education voted on November 7, 2003 to adopt the "recommendationfor the elimination of factual errors in high school and advanced placement biology textbooks." This appears to be a victory for ID proponents who challenged the error-ridden textbooks that promoted evolutionary theory. Not all the changes desired by ID proponents were adopted, but errors over the support embryology supposedly lends to evolution will be eliminated. (11/10/03)
  • Steven Weinberg Argues from Authority: In a prime example of the argument from authority, physics Nobel laureate Steven Weinberg states that only evolution should be taught because it has won "general scientific acceptance ... [a]nd therefore, it should be presented to students as the consensus view of science, without any alternatives being presented." Weinberg would stifle learning saying that, "you're not doing your job if you let a question like the validity of evolution through natural selection go to the students."
  • Poll Says Scientists Support Teaching ID: An August 22nd, 2003, poll reported in Science indicates that, "Seventy-six percent of scientists favored "teaching alternatives to evolution," and "79% agreed that intelligent design should be taught. " Science questioned the accuracy of the poll, which polled 217 scientists from Sandia and Los Alamos National Laboratories. (Science, August 22, 2003).

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