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IDEA Conference Publicity Files

Please feel free to download these files to print and post at your school, church, community group, or give to friends or the media.

Publicity Files:
  • Basic Info Sheet (PDF)
  • Registration Flyer (PDF)
  • Conference Flyer (PDF)
  • Press Release (PDF)
  • Animated Gif Banner:

    Please Note:
    The "PDF" files may be viewed and printed using Adobe Acrobat (Adobe Acrobat is a free PDF-viewing program, click here to freely download Adobe Acrobat.) Please note that although some files may look slightly fuzzy when viewed on your computer screen (we apologize for this), they should print out neat and clean.

    You may freely use the Animated Gif Advertisement Banner to publicize the conference on your website if you use the following code to post the banner:

    <A HREF="">
    <IMG SRC= WIDTH="468" HEIGHT="60" BORDER="0" ALT="IDEA Conference 2002 Website. Click here for details and registration info!">

    Other Supporting Organizations which have helped publicize the conference:

  • Access Research Network.
  • The Discovery Institute.
  • Evidence for God from Science (
  • Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary.
  • My Ya Ya Ministries of the San Francisco Episcopal Diocese.
  • Real Life - InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at USF.
  • Reasons To Believe.
  • St. Timothy's Episcopal Church of Mountain View.
  • USF Calendar of Events.
  • USF Graduate Business Association.
  • USF News.

    If you have any immediate questions about the conference, please feel free to e-mail us at "".