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Mark Hartwig

Ph.D. Educational Psychology, UC Santa Barbara.
Mark HartwigMark Hartwig has a Ph.D. in educational psychology from UC Santa Barbara and today is a free lance journalist and author. He has written many articles on intelligent design and evolutionary theory which have appeared in newspapers and magazines such as Boundless (a Webzine for college students), the Wall Street Journal, the LA Times, Citizen Magazine, Origins Research where he served as managing editor, and Teachers in Focus Magazine where he served as the editor. He also co-authored Invitation to a Conflict: A Retrospective Look at the California Science Framework with Paul Nelson.

Mark Hartwig served on the Access Research Network Board of Directors and has much experience with outreaching to students through the creation-evolution controversy. He has been an active member of the intelligent design movement by promoting understanding of the basic issues in popular media--especially to college students. Back in his college days, Dr. Hartwig was also a member of "Students for Origins Research" (SOR), a student-run pro-intelligent design origins discussion club which existed on the UC Santa Barbara campus in the 1970's. Mark Hartwig is a thoughtful writer and very experienced in student-outreach, making him an asset to the IDEA Center Advisory Board.

If you'd like to contact Mark Hartwig, please contact us at "" and we will try to put you in touch with him if possible. Thanks for being understanding.

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