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Dennis Wagner

Executive Director, Access Research Network.
Dennis Wagner is executive director of the Access Research Network (ARN), a non-profit organization dedicated to providing accessible information on science, technology and society issues from an intelligent design perspective. ARN is one of the best internet sites to gather information, news, and a readling list about intelligent design. Furthemore ARN has the largest online intelligent design store on the internet, with a a large collection of books, videos, and other resources. Dennis manages all of this, and he has a special place on the IDEA Center Advisory Board: In the 1970's, he and some fellow students founded a group similar to IDEA called "Students for Origins Research" (SOR) at UC Santa Barbara. From those humble beginnings as a small student club devoted to discussing and researching origins issues, they planted SOR chapters at other universities and eventually became the Access Research Network. Though SOR today is no longer, Dennis has expertise on how to promote intelligent design to students and how to get students excited about these issues. He and ARN have provided many resources which have been helpful to the growth of the IDEA Center, including his own time-tested advice. It was through the help of Dennis that the vision for the Center was born and realized in the first place. For this reason, IDEA is proud to call the Access Research Network our partner in outreach, and to have Dennis Wagner on our Advisory Board.

If you'd like to get in touch with Mr. Wagner, please contact us at "" and we will try to put you in touch with him if possible. Thank you.

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