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Intelligent Design in the Editorials of the San Diego Union Tribune (Union Tribune, November 21, 2005) [Intro Page]

Fake Cover of the Union Tribune

Pictured above is a FAKE cover of the San Diego Union Tribune, which in reality actually did publish an inaccurate article against intelligent design on June 8th, 2005. The article only interviewed scientists who were anti-ID and contained no quotes from pro-ID scientists or organizations. Many of the statements by the scientists contained inaccuracies about intelligent design, raising reasonable suspicion as to whether some of them were adequately informed about intelligent design.

The above graphic incorporates a modified version of "The Scientists" by cartoonist Lee Bullen. Used with permission.
On November 21, 2005, the San Diego Union Tribune published an editorial against intelligent design, entitled Voodoo Science.

The article contained many of the common stereotypes and caricatures of those who question aspects of evolutionary theory and/or promote intelligent design.

Below are 2 links with responses to the many inaccuracies in the article, by IDEA Center staff:
  • By Mario Lopez: Editing the Editorials of the San Diego Union Tribune , which did get published by the SDUT.

  • By Ryan Huxley: A redefinition of Science?

  • Mario Lopez's printed editorial with the Union Tribune: Not everybody agrees ID is 'voodoo science'

  • Casey Luskin's Evolution News & Views blog post responding to the editorial, and also detailing the Union Tribune's history of wilfully inaccurate reporting on the issue of intelligent design: Responses to the San Diego Union Tribune's anti-ID editorial