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IDEA Student Clubs

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About IDEA Clubs
Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness (IDEA) Clubs are student-initiated clubs on high school and college campuses where students can promote scientific evidence that supports intelligent design. IDEA Clubs are a growing network of student-led clubs on university and high school campuses around the United States, and worldwide.

Today there is a great inequality in the science classroom. Students in most public or private high schools and universities are not exposed to the full range of scientific evidence and opinions about how living organisms arose and diversified. IDEA Clubs help fill the gaps in science education by providing the opportunity for students to educate their fellow students, friends, and even faculty about scientific evidence for intelligent design theory and problems with evolutionary theory. By this, people are naturally challenged by the metaphysical implications of the scientific evidence.

IDEA Clubs operate under the "IDEA Philosophy" to promote intelligent design theory in a friendly and respectful manner so anyone can express their views in an open, friendly, informal, and informed environment. IDEA Club Chapters have formed at public or private, secular or religious, and high school or college campuses. IDEA Clubs can also thrive off campuses in communities, and can be based out of community groups or churches.

The IDEA Center itself grew out of the IDEA Club at UC San Diego and has helped over thirty new chapters form to date. IDEA Center staff have experience running IDEA Clubs and promoting intelligent design among students. Our goal is to do everything we can to help students in IDEA Clubs promote intelligent design, and we facilitate IDEA Clubs by providing them with many materials including scientific resources, promotional materials, and intelligent design videos, books, articles, and journals.

IDEA Clubs are a great way to outreach to students who might never hear the full span of the scientific evidence in their science classroom. If you think you might be interested in starting a chapter, please read some of the following links:

  • How to start an IDEA Club Chapter
  • About the IDEA Club Startup Packet
  • Resources Provided to IDEA Clubs
  • IDEA Club Leadership Training Conference
  • Locations of IDEA Club Chapters