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Steve Renner

Owner, Omega Builders.

E-mail: ""

Steve Renner was a co-founder of the original IDEA Club at UCSD, and served as its Community Advisor after he TA'd an undergraduate biology seminar course on intelligent design at UCSD during the spring quarter of 1999. Steve helped facilitate Phillip Johnson's lecture at UCSD which helped birth the club as well as helping to organize William Dembski's lecture at UCSD.

Steve became a co-founder of the IDEA Center, and brings his many contacts within the "Intelligent Design Movement" and leadership experience to the Center. 


A general contractor by day and intelligent design buff by night, Steve also likes to hang out at his daughters' gymnastics events--keep a lookout for the Renner girls in future Olympic games! Steve helps with fundraising and publicity issues at the Center and can be e-mailed at "".