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Eddie Colanter

Eddie is one of the original co-founders of the IDEA Center as his desire to start a non-profit organization dealing with philosophical and bioethical issues surrounding intelligent design theory drove him to make a proposal to Casey Luskin to found the Center in 2001. 


From his credentials, it may appear that Eddie is a career student, however, Eddie brings years of valuable management, public relations, and human resources experience to the IDEA Center.  He has served on a variety of Boards, including the Board of Directors for the Newport Institute for Ethics, Law, and Public Policy,


Eddie recently married a member of our own Board of Directors (Brit Colanter).  He enjoys ingesting food products containing large amounts of caffeine and is an avid long distance runner. Eddie also has a keen interest in the implications that intelligent design theory has for bioethical questions. Eddie helps with publicizing IDEA Center events and oversees many managerial issues at the Center.  Eddie can be e-mailed at "".