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The IDEA Center Welcomes New Staff Members Ryan Huxley and Tristan Abbey - August 9, 2002

The IDEA Center is excited to announce that over the past few months, two new staff members have joined the IDEA Center.

Ryan Huxley, a professional engineer with a passion for understanding reasons for design with an engineer's mind, first met us in October of 2001. After becoming an honorary staff member by helping with a few projects, Ryan was officially inducted as Chief Operating Officer and Director of Programming in July.

Before the induction, however, Ryan helped the IDEA Center get connected to start planning its first conferece, the IDEA 2002 Conference at USF. In fact, without Ryan, the IDEA 2002 Conference at USF probably would not be happening! Ryan will be helping to organize various IDEA events as well as helping with e-mail responsibilities.

More recently, the IDEA Center welcomed another new staff member, Tristan Abbey. Tristan is a student in the San Diego area who is an experienced debator in intelligent design. Despite his relative youth compared to other staff members, Tristan is miles ahead of his time when it comes to understanding the finer points of the creation - evolution issue, and being able to contend for them. How many high school students go to university libraries in their spare time and read up on Science and Nature? Tristan will be handling some e-mail responsibilities, as well as helping with other projects.

Both Ryan and Tristan are truly blessings to the IDEA Center. Please welcome them to the IDEA Center staff!

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