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Mock Darwinist Disclaimers for Textbooks

A Parody Loosely (but sometimes directly) Based on Actual Comments by Darwinists

With all the recent discussion about textbook disclaimers regarding evolution, we at the IDEA Center got to thinking. We feel the arguments used by Darwinists to advocate teaching only evidence for evolution in science classrooms are weak. To illustrate, we created mock disclaimers for biology textbooks loosely (but sometimes directly) based off of Darwinist statements about education policy. (Many are directly from Darwinist comments regarding the textbook disclaimer controversy in Cobb County, Georgia from NPR on 11/19/04.)

These are officially for fun, but we think they underscore some deficiencies in Darwinist arguments along the way. They donít necessarily relate to any views of the IDEA Center and were compiled by IDEA staff and friends. Please follow the links below to view in PDF or GIF format:

Mock Darwinist Disclaimers.Mock Darwinist Disclaimers
[PDF; 80 kb]
  Mock Darwinist Disclaimers.Mock Darwinist Disclaimers
[gif; 76 kb]