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Primer: Cosmic Design in a Nutshell

Many physicists and cosmologists have inferred intelligent design of the universe based upon the highly specified laws of nature which allow for life. Essentially, the universe appears “fine-tuned” and designed for life. These are called “anthropic principles.” As famous physicist Paul Davies explains:

Cosmic Design in a Nuthsell

In fact, numerous precise mathermatical relationships must exist in order for life to be possible. These include the strong nuclear force, the force of gravity, the rate of expansion of the universe, the masses of fundamental particles, and the speed of light. Indeed, the initial entropy of the universe must have been fine tuned to one part in 1010^123! Logic suggests that this is a remarkable coincidence, the result of multiple universes (where all possibilities exist) or indicative of intelligent design.

(Spiral Galaxy Picture from

If you'd like to learn more about this, see a more detailed discussion of the Anthropic Principle.